Looking forward to another great four years

Dear Neighbors,

We are proud to report my re-election as your Alderman for the next four years. While this has been a hard fought campaign, all of us, whoever we voted for, care deeply about the future of our community.

We all love this neighborhood – our homes, our parks, and our schools. Some of us, like me, have raised our children here and they now have children of their own.. Others are just starting out. Our neighborhood has a history of pulling together and creating wonderful things.

I’d like to thank Caroline Vickrey for her passion and hard work. She has been a committed community member for over twenty years, and she ran a strong campaign. We look forward to working with her for the betterment of our community.

Thanks to each and every one of you for all you have done.  I am humbled by your efforts.  We look forward to redoubling our efforts, working together, to move our ward forward.


See you soon.
With gratitude,
Michele Smith
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Ald. Michele Smith, 43rd Ward Election Night Party at the Red Lion, 2446 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago

Ald. Michele Smith, 43rd Ward Election Night Party at the Red Lion Pub, 2446 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago

The Election Night Party for Alderman Michele Smith of the 43rd Ward will be held at the Red Lion Pub at 2446 N. Lincoln Ave. in Chicago http://redlionchicago.com
The party will begin after the polls are closed on Tuesday night, April 7 at approximately 7:30 p.m.
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Vickrey Against Vickrey on Taxes in the 43rd Ward

Contact: Kitty Kurth
Vickrey Contradicts Her Own Positions
Caroline Campaigning Against Herself 
Today Caroline Vickrey, who is challenging Alderman Michele Smith in the 43rd Ward put out an email accusing Smith of distorting her record, when, ironically Vickrey is distorting her own record. Unfortunately for Caroline, her own words contradict what she’s now saying.
Vickrey told the Chicago Sun Times: 
On a property tax increase: 
I would support a property tax raise only after a forensic audit of all city expenditures takes place to make sure money is being spent in a fiscally prudent way across the spectrum.
On the Financial Tax Increase:
A tax on electronic financial transactions on Chicago’s trading exchanges, known as the “LaSalle Street tax” 
Yes or No:  Yes if combined with cuts in spending
On a non-resident tax for those working in the City:
A tax on non-Chicago residents who work in the city 
Yes or No: Yes if constitutional
Q: Do you support, in general concept, establishing a gambling casino in Chicago? 
Yes or No:  No.
Please explain:  People hold conventions in Chicago because it is a city with a beautiful lakefront, beautiful parks, cool neighborhoods, great dining, amazing theater and world class museums, and last but not least, it is free from the distraction of casinos.  Casinos are a regressive tax on our city, can cause great social damage to communities, and would fail to set us apart from other great cities of the world, turning our lakefront into a cheapened amusement park.  Instead, it would suck casino business from Indiana, further crippling that market.  I know that we are desperate for revenue, but I hope we can avoid casinos to solve that problem.
Vickrey told the Chicago Tribune:
On cars entering Lincoln Park: 
I do think that we should consider moves like selling off excess city owned property, at assessed values (that doesn’t always happen), and perhaps consider novel ideas like taxes on vehicles entering Lincoln Park, especially from outside the city.  While we love our free zoo and beaches, ironically the congestion caused by these lakefront attractions is not helping local businesses.
On extra fees for garbage and recycling: 
Those decisions to reduce spending should take place over increasing taxes, though new sources of revenue should be explored (e.g. excess garbage pickup, certain materials recycling, metered water fees, etc.)
Vickrey told WFLD TV: 
“I did propose a tax on cars, non-resident cars.”
Vickrey today says:
Here’s the truth on taxes. There is no car tax. I do not want to charge residents to visit Lincoln Park Zoo. No trash nor financial transaction tax. I do not support increasing property or income taxes. Like every other 43rd Ward resident I do not want more taxes.
Earlier she said yes, today she says no, what on Earth will she say tomorrow


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Former Opponent Tim Egan Endorses Alderman Michele Smith

Today 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith received the endorsement of Tim Egan who ran against Smith in 2011. Previously Smith received the support of Jen Kramer and Jerry Quandt, two of her 2015 opponents.

Tim Egan said “Although Michele and I were opponents four years ago and we disagreed on some issues, I’m supporting her reelection for Alderman. The ward has seen significant progress because of the Alderman’s hard work. Michele faced tough challenges that required difficult solutions. This is the experience and leadership we need as we face challenging times ahead. I would like to see the Children’s Memorial Redevelopment up and running as soon as possible.  The 43rd Ward can’t afford to elect an alderman who supports holding up $122 million in critically needed tax dollars in frivolous lawsuits.”

Egan commented, “My four year old son Chance spent almost a week at Lurie Children’s Hospital last month with pneumonia.
While at the beautiful new hospital I could not stop thinking about the dormant old hospital. I stand today in support of Alderman Smith’s reelection for two very important reasons. First, the old Children’s site must be redeveloped as soon as possible to reestablish the vibrancy of Lincoln Avenue and bring desperately needed tax dollars to the 43rd Ward and our city. Alderman Smith is our City’s best option to expedite that redevelopment. Secondly, Alderman Smith endorses Mayor Emanuel for a second term and I do as well. Mayor Emanuel is clearly the best option for the future of our great city. So for my four sons and all the residents and children in the 43rd Ward and our city, I encourage all of my supporters to vote for Alderman Smith and Mayor Emanuel.”Former Opponent Tim Egan Endorses Alderman Michele Smith 

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Alderman Michele Smith Launches Commercial on Vickery’s Lincoln Park Tax

For Immediate Release
Contact: Kitty Kurth 312-617-7288 
Vickrey’s Vision for Chicago – a new commercial from Alderman Michele Smith’s campaign for 43rd Ward Alderman will begin airing on broadcast and cable.  The link is below. 

43rd Ward Business owners and residents have been questioning the proposal put forth by Aldermanic challenger Caroline Vickery to tax vehicles coming in to Lincoln Park to shop at stores, eat at restaurants or play in the park, at the beach or at the zoo. 
Jeff Lawler, the owner of Geja’s Cafe said, “The proposed idea to tax the vehicles bringing people to visit Lincoln Park’s lakefront, zoo, restaurants, museums and retail stores is bad for everyone. As a long time business operator and resident in Lincoln Park, I know that our neighborhood is a great place to live, play and discover. This tax proposal would be a determent to our community on many levels. Lincoln Park is a welcoming and inclusive neighborhood and by adding a tax to visitors to our community, we’re essentially saying that we don’t want them here. And that’s just wrong.”
Another business leader, Linda Bacin of Bella Bacino’s said, “Taxing people who visit Lincoln Park will hurt our neighborhood businesses. We are proud to have served Lincoln Park and its visitors for more than 30 years. Our neighborhood is fortunate to be the home to so many of Chicago’s treasures including our Zoo, lakefront and of course many great restaurants. Caroline Vickery’s plan to tax cars bringing people here will only hurt the people and the businesses of Lincoln Park.”
43rd Ward Resident MaryAnne Spinner said, “The proposed tax on vehicles entering Lincoln Park is totally insane!  Not only does it penalize citizens visiting our (thankfully) free zoo and beaches, and our hard-working merchants and restaurants, but it is also totally unfair to those of us who invite guests—friends as well as family– to our homes.  For example, for the past 18 years my spouse and I have belonged to a group of seven couples who get together once a month for dinner at each other’s houses, on a rotating basis.  We are the only ones who live in the city (the others all live in the suburbs), and always look forward to showing off our beautiful neighborhood to our friends.  It would be outrageous if they had to pay a penalty to visit us!!”
Last week on Fox 32 Sunday with Mike Flannery, 43rd Ward Aldermanic candidate Caroline Vickrey talked about her notion of taxing vehicles that come in and park to use beaches, the zoo, Lincoln Park and area restaurants and businesses. 


To view the full television show, click on the links below. The discussion of the taxing issues are in Part 2. 


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