Budget or businessMichele Smith realizes that strong infrastructure is crucial to the continued vitality of our community. That’s why she’s been worked to repair long-neglected infrastructure throughout the 43rd Ward during her tenure in office.

Over the past 4 years, she’s allocated millions of dollars to upgrade our streets, curbs and gutters, sidewalks and street lighting, resulting in the resurfacing of nearly 100 streets, the replacement of several hundred curbs, gutters and sidewalks and initiated dozens of blocks of street lighting repairs.

Realizing that the asphalt entrance to many of our alley’s are dilapidated and easily damaged, Michele pioneered an innovative “alley apron” repair program that replaced dozens of entrances with concrete to prolong their lifespan.

And we all know that we frequently experience urban flooding, caused in large part due to water and sewer infrastructure being over a century old. That’s why she’s worked with the City’s infrastructure departments to replace over 2 miles of underground water and sewer mains in those areas with the most obsolete infrastructure.

In the instances were local revenues were simply not enough to repair the magnitude of the damage, Michele fought for further resources to ensure our community got the attention it deserved. She heavily advocated for Governor Quinn to fund the resurfacing of Lincoln Avenue, between Diversey Parkway and Fullerton Avenue and between Wells Street and Larrabee. That resurfacing was completed in December, and included new ADA-compliant corners and newly striped bike lanes.