Public Safety

with cop from 2011As a former federal prosecutor, no one takes crime and public safety more seriously than Michele Smith. As of the most recent statistics, crime is down across the board in the 43rd Ward.

Since 2010:

  • Property Crime is down 29%
  • Burglaries are down 45%
  • Robberies are down 45%
  • Violent Crime is down 21%
  • Car thefts are down 37%

Michele has sent a clear message to would-be offenders: Crime is not welcome in the 43rd Ward.

Michele has implemented an 8-point crime reduction plan that has gotten real results in our neighborhoods.

Michele has:

  1. Worked with Mayor Emanuel to pull police officers out from behind desks and put them back on the streets
  2. Created a block-by-block crime reduction consulting program which facilitates meetings between residents and police to craft a custom-tailored crime prevention plan for a residence, a building, or an entire block.
  3. Launched the “Lock Your Door” campaign, a series of efforts and public seminars to reduce theft from unlocked or inadequately secured garages, cars, and homes.
  4. Identified crime “hot spots” in the ward and advocated for increased police presence in those locations.
  5. Worked closely with the Chicago Police Department to create and implement a North Avenue Beach crime prevention plan. Since that plan’s implementation, there have been no major incidents of crime on North Avenue Beach
  6. Secured a police foot patrol on Clark St for the first time in decades
  7. Worked with the Chicago Police Department to launch a “Homeless Welfare” police unit to provide service to homeless individuals and handle public safety issues arising from homelessness
  8. Personally volunteered as a court advocate and obtained stiffer sentences for offenders who commit crimes in the 43rd Ward